Wednesday, November 09, 2005


NEW RIGHT is metapolitical beyond movements and organisations.

NEW RIGHT seeks to influence all parties and none.

NEW RIGHT puts intellect before dogma.

NEW RIGHT puts common sense before the party line.

NEW RIGHT will raise ideas above economics.

NEW RIGHT stands for tradition against modernity.

NEW RIGHT adds substance to human will.

NEW RIGHT gives meaning to action.

NEW RIGHT is virile and uranian, not impotent or tellurian.

NEW RIGHT meets chaos and discord with transversal solutions.

NEW RIGHT rejects egalitarianism and political correctness.

NEW RIGHT is elitist and anti-democratic.

NEW RIGHT defends the sacred against the profane.

NEW RIGHT is opposed to mass societies and plebian dictorship.

NEW RIGHT stands for pan-Europa against American hegemony.

NEW RIGHT is polytheistic and supports diversity.

NEW RIGHT promotes the individual above individualism.

NEW RIGHT heals division with synthesis.

NEW RIGHT pursues a global agenda against globalisation.


Spider said...

Looks good. I look forward to seeing this site as it develops.


James said...

I agree, great job