Thursday, December 08, 2005

Who We Are

By Achilles Kritikos

During the past, the System used significant concepts like the idea of the homeland and of the nation as a mask in order to face public demands for social justice, thus striking out at the healthiest elements of the people. The System continues this attack today, but has changed its mask and now uses human rights and civil freedoms as a facade to justify its crimes. We do not demonise the values that the System uses today, as in the past with the values of the homeland and the nation.

We are racialists. We believe, however, that the migratory wave that is promoted by the System aims to create racial destruction rather than preserve race through segregation.The System knows that the only way to exterminate the white race and every race more generally is the Western way of life (consumerism, low birthrate, urban diastrophy). Look around you. The mixed marriages in Western societies can occur in only two cases: when the immigrant has been urbanised and acquired at least a sense of economic equality among the indigenous people, or when the indigenous people find themselves in the same sordid economic and educative situation to that of the immigrant.The System is exploiting the reality of racial differentiation. It promotes multi-racial societies because these are created within racial ghettos which have an intense opposition towards their immediate neighbourhood. Thus the System defuses the rage of the masses and because of the exploitation that people suffer at the hands of the System, it channels this oppositional conflict and thus avoids every united struggle against it.The left-wingers that have not realised that the loss of national conscience from the masses involves also the loss of class conscience are stupidly supporting and promoting this "multicultural" levelling, and the nationalists that stupidly demand the expulsion of the immigrants are thus accentuating the already existing opposition. They do nothing other than play a role that the System has aleady drawn up for them. The tyrants survive thanks to their old game of divide and rule.

The capitalists are deliberately puting in danger the future of humanity, along with the pollution of the environment (of food, water and air), illness and cloning. They try to create a new race of people; frail, and dependent upon medicines, that will live in an artificial environment, working as dogs for their masters. Thus becoming the convenient servants of the capitalists.

The white race has been corrupted by the Western way of life, even though we do not like it we must admit that our race has adopted such a way of life that she has become a useful tool in the hands of the Zionists. Today every anti-capitalist is connected much more closely with an Afghan or a Filipino Muslim than with the new bourgeois generation of Greeks. For two years now the Zionists have adversely started a war on the nations that dispute their power. In fact the Jews are preparing for a final confrontation: the Third World War. This was also pointed out by the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran in his recent visit to our country. The Zionists have on their side the ultra-modern armies of the West, their governments and the white people whose stupefaction is so great that they would be willing to be sacrificed for the interests of their tyrants. On the other hand, the only arms that the forces of contestation have is their irremovable faith in the just struggle and their will to overcome or die. The world today has become separated between the faithful and the faithless. The Christians are guilty because they remain faithful to the word of Jesus and wish to achieve the salvation of their soul in a country whose soul is dominated by the monotheism of the market. The Muslims are guilty because they pray five times a day to Allah, contrary to the corrupted bourgeoisie of the West, which prays 24 hours-a-day to the golden god of money. The Marxists are guilty because they fight and require social justice, the equal distribution of wealth in the face of 350 capitalists with an allocated income equivalent to that of 3.5 billion residents of this planet. The anarchists are guilty because they ask for the release of the human being, his absolute independence, in a societal foundation which regards as a coercion that which excludes every essential freedom. The nationalists are guilty because they want to defend the particularity of every race, in contradiction to the Zionists who are changing the races into voracious and consuming robots.

We are all guilty because we chose a different system of values to those of commercialism, and because we are willingly defending the substance of human existence.

By Achilles Kritikos, editor of the Greek national-anarchist magazine

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