Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Communal Solution
An Alternative Way

By Avadis

Unfortunately, today a political organisation has no future. There are many people that have been encaged in such organisations or movements and in the end they gave it up or "unexpectedly" found themselves in prison. Reality is very hard, but harder when you are not prepared for things like this.

But as someone who comes from Greece, I am prepared and will give you an example. Here there are two or three nationalist organisations and parties that are clearly tools of the System, full of secret agents, brainless extreme right-wing and xenophobic people.

Well these organisations have no future (which is as it should be). Not because they don't have many people, and neither because they are "extreme", but because the State itself has set the limits of their existence. They are part of the System, and they are not an alternative solution to the one-way street of Capitalism. And I think it is the same in other countries, too. So when many of these people meet with them and begin to understand their dirty role, in the end they give it up altogether. Many times they are compromising with the system, and they are becoming increasingly bourgeois or apolitical.

Leading them there is the one-way street - or dead end - of Capitalism and the modern way of life. They don't want to be "marginal", they're looking for an outlet. But when they see that there is no other outlet than the way towards Capitalism, they become prey to the tentacles of the system.

Some years ago, a Greek pagan (heathen) group was thinking along the lines of creating a village where people with same interests (way of life, religion etc.) could live and work based on their beliefs and on their way of life. This, maybe, would be a solution, a return to the Community. It might sound laughable, but it would undoubtedly be a strike against urbanism and centralisation. I believe that as Troy Southgate says, it is absolutely right that the fight of the future will be between Decentralisation and Centralisation. And it is an alternative way, because the System gathers us into big cities, with many policemen, extreme control, the same way of life and thinking, with thousands of cameras everywhere (Big Brother isn't a tv-show, it is reality!) and we all end up as robots in their hands (all the same).

Community-ism and resistance on the periphery is the only thing we have now, maybe our only hope, we don't have to show mercy to the cities, from the time they took our freedom we will also take away their peace. Let's terrorise them with the way they've been terrorising us for so many years. We must have no morality outside of our community. Out there is the enemy, the chaos, the tyrant . . . inside the community we are all brothers, we have the same visions, ideals, beliefs, customs and the same blood. Outside are those who want to destroy us . . . this must be our basic thought.

Our communities must be open for the folk, to become the real alternative solution and another way of life to the modern West.

Don't forget that community-ism was the basic way of organisation by the ancient Indo-Europeans (and this is why the real racialist is the "community-ist").

Many would say that this is "utopianism". I don't think so. The System doesn't fall with prayers and implorations. But only with loyalty to our visions, for our ancestors, to our customs and our folk, in our race and to the real freedom we can win. It would be a hard, strong fight and for a long time, so let's start the resistance now. Let's become the solution we are looking for . . .

Against bourgeois hypocrisy! For OUR totalitarian tomorrow . . .



Anonymous said...

Fantastic and absolutely agreed!



FOr the Community - Against the State!

Anonymous said...

The way to go...... Don't trust the governments and big brother in looking after you.

Thinking outside the square said...

Most of it I do agree with.

But I still think that trying to set up a Nationalist party democratically is worth the chance. Even if it is for the sake of experience.

Sometimes you do have to learn things the hard way...

Thinking outside the square said...

To say there is no point trying to set up a Nationalist party democratically.

"Ohhh...why bother? The System is against us!"

That is PATHETIC and DEFEATIST and I won't stand for that sort of attitude! I believe that everybody should at least have a try once.

That way you will truly know if this assumption is correct or not.

It's always better to be positive about things rather than negative.