Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Evils of Miscegenation

by Thomas Fairweather

A lot of people probably do not understand the word miscegenation. Basically it means race-mixing or racial-mixed marriages. "Miscegenation" comes from the Latin miscere, "to mix" and genus, "race".[1] It is something which most people in today’s society do not even raise an eyebrow about. But only a few decades ago in the United States of America miscegenation was illegal. In fact, even an American President by the name of Warren G. Harding was totally against the idea of miscegenation and had mentioned it in a speech that he did. As this is an opinion piece I will give my own views on the issues. Personally I find miscegenation to be abhorrent, something that deluded liberal-minded people do who only see them selves plainly as being “human-beings” rather than humans of a particular race/ethnic group. They do understand their heritage and background that has remained pure for countless generations only to be diluted and spoilt by an act of so-called love or lust. Now this does not just count for ONLY Whites being pure but for people of all backgrounds, whether they are Asian, African, or Arab etc. As noted by Dr. Lundborg ‘a general mixture would certainly result for the whole of mankind in a fateful downfall of the highest culture races and all their achievements.’ [2] Meaning all our unique and amazing cultures that each country has would be ruined eventually over time because of miscegenation. In Australia I feel that this is a major issue which is being ignored by people who seem to accept miscegenation as a “normal” occurrence. The true European heritage of most White Australians is being deteriorated through the frequency of miscegenation in recent times.

Of course, you will always hear the bleating of the usual liberal rhetoric that there is no such thing as miscegenation and that we are all human. Yet they also continue to say that they promote diversity. But the question is...how can we be so sure of their agenda? If they promote diversity yet also promote miscegenation do they not realise that this will eventually cause the world to all become the same mixed “coffee-coloured” people. How is that supposed to be promoting diversity?! Quite a contradictory view don’t you think?

As noted in the National Vanguard ‘of course, miscegenation is not a natural occurrence. Evolution would have been impossible if every evolutionary experiment had been short-circuited by cross-breeding. Nature's urge toward higher and more complex life forms has demanded that subspecies remain genetically isolated until all possibility of genetic admixture has been removed. Even though such isolation of the various human subspecies from one another has not been of sufficient length to ensure the impossibility of genetic admixture, it has ensured the existence of deep-seated psychological barriers which, under natural conditions, prevent miscegenation.’ [3] This explains how before advancements in technology to travel all around the world people of different races where separated geographically over thousands of years and developed uniquely having their own way of adapting to the environment they lived in, whether it is different shaped eyes, darker shades of skin, etc.

An African American by the name of Emanuel McLittle explains that ‘all living things express a genetic mandate to remain separate. Be it tree, dog, molecule, atom or apples. This fact does not imply a kind of prejudice in the fingers of nature. Instead it speaks to a creative wisdom working to preserve each element, kind, species and race as it was originally created--forming a universe where an unnumbered variety cooperate in the shaping of a beautiful whole. I argue that a similar mandate exists for humans, but unlike the pine tree, a blade of grass, or the great white shark, we can ignore this mandate.’ [4] This of course does not mean that we should ignore our differences but rather celebrate them. People should be proud of their racial/ethnic heritage and not be ashamed of it. They should also not seek to ruin their heritage by committing miscegenation without realising the consequences.

Emanuel McLittle also notes that ‘interracial marriage is often born of a disdain for oneself and an unconscious drive to erase oneself via the next generation. I would venture a guess that many of those who engage in race mixing are running on the legs of buried anger and frustration, from a helpless, painful childhood where their first mates, their parents, failed them. Growing up with a fractured identity of their own, they are often driven by a false notion that they can leave behind one ugly world by merging into another.’ [5] This is quite an interesting view because it discusses how often it is people who do not have happy and fulfilled lives that commit miscegenation. Often, it is Liberalism and covert Marxist ideologies in Western societies that has brought about this downfall. James Buchanan believes that ‘unfortunately decades of Marxist propaganda claiming that the only racial difference is “skin colour” has convinced the cowardly and the foolish to support race-mixing. This brings up the question “How stupid are liberals?” Do they really believe that millions of their fellow Whites oppose race-mixing based solely on something as trivial as skin colour?’ [6] This points out that there are still people out there who do not understand that race is MORE than just about skin colour. It is about cultural, psychological, physiological differences that humans have. Just like we understand that there are different breeds of dogs such as Dobermans, Chihuahuas, Corgis etc which have their own unique characteristics there are also different breeds or races of human beings.

It must be realised that acts of miscegenation will ruin thousands of years of racial/ethnic heritage not just for White people but for every race. Michael J. Polignano argues that a ‘race's unique genetic identity will be maintained only as long as it remains genetically separate and exclusive, breeding within itself and not breeding with other races. Miscegenation undoes this. Thus it destroys millennia of racial evolution. The genes are not lost, per se, just as no paint molecules are lost when different colors of paint are mixed. But it would take millennia to re-isolate gene types that can be spread out among a miscegenated population in just one generation of crossbreeding’. [7] In many ways it could even be seen as a form of subtle genocide where one race or a number of races are eventually destroyed by “breeding” out the characteristics of a particular race and amalgamating them with a number of others. This is particular harmful to people of European heritage because of their non-dominant genes. For example, if a woman from Norway with blonde hair and blue eyes and white skin miscegenated with an African man from Sudan with dark brown hair and brown eyes and black skin then if they produce a child it will have the dominant genes of dark brown hair and brown eyes and black or possibly brown skin. For any people who want to partake in miscegenation they must realise that their child will bare almost no resemblance to them whatsoever because of the unfortunate fact or their non dominant genes. That is why it is important not only for White people but for people of all races to keep their racial uniqueness by discouraging miscegenation.

Of course there will always be critics out there who question the agenda of those that are against miscegenation. But those people who believe that miscegenation does not exist or believe in racial equality often have a hidden agenda themselves. They too can be quite delusional in relation to this issue or have a vested interest in supporting miscegenation because they participate in it themselves or a creation from it. They will not or do not see the consequences of miscegenation. Michael J. Polignano argues that ‘it is ironic that miscegenation is promoted by the very people who make a cult of diversity, because in the long run miscegenation completely destroys racial diversity. In the short run, of course, miscegenation does increase diversity by filling the world with a colorful array of mongrels. But in the long run, as pure racial types disappear and mongrels mix with mongrels, this diversity will give way to a brown uniformity. Thus the only way to maintain racial diversity over the long term is to avoid miscegenation’. [8] Just like people need to be aware of the consequences of an “un-wanted” pregnancy they also need to understand the consequences of committing miscegenation. The must realise that their children will possibly have a racial identity crisis as they grow older.

A study in Majority rights shows that there are also health consequences in race-mixing as ‘it is irresponsible for any scientific organization to pretend that race mixing has no adverse health effects and it is obviously inappropriate to portray race mixing as desirable or virtuous’. [9] This relates to the fact that there should not be any assumptions drawn that miscegenation will make racially-mixed humans better and healthier than those who are not when in fact it may possibly be the opposite effect. Eric Thomson says “we often hear people justify race-mixing and other forms of degenerative self-indulgence as being "a person's own business" - as if to say that it is not our business what sort of society we live in, no matter how bad sociopaths wish to make it’. [10] This can be related to morals and values and how mono-racial parents need to lovingly encourage the view onto their children that they should prefer to “stick with their own kind” as there is nothing wrong or racist with doing that. In fact, if you were to ask a Chinese person or an Indian person whom they would like to marry and raise a family with then almost all of the time they would say they prefer somebody the same. People need to get out of their heads this notion of if you stay with your own kind that is it somehow “racist” as this is a fallacy created by liberals.

Eric Thomson also notes that ‘Unlike the killing of members of one race by another race, a historic practice now deemed to be a crime, the mixing of races kills not one, but every race which engages in it. Race-mixing is therefore the worst example of genocide. Scoffers airily dismiss this statement as nonsense because the offspring of race-mixing are capable of breathing, eating, prattling, and reproducing. In other words, race-mixing produces 'live' victims instead of dead ones, but this ignores not only the quality of life, it denies man's place and his role in the universe, his responsibility to his fellow men and to his posterity. Modern-day liberals are very much concerned with the quality of life rather than the quantity of those who are technically alive because their bodily functions are intact. They advocate euthanasia and abortion because these practices 'make life better', regardless of their illogical inconsistency when it comes to capital punishment’ [11] Now this could allegedly be described as a “extremist” view but it just goes to show the hypocritical ideology of liberals and how they believe individualism far outweighs collectivism without realising that there should be a fine balance of both. Why should not one but two races lose their heritage and identity because of miscegenation and the liberal argument that if you say you are against miscegenation you will be labelled a racist or bigot? President Tubman of Liberia argued that “we are opposed to integration. It is a bad thing and we condemn it. Why should we destroy our identity? We love our black skins and we are proud of our heritage. Our country is open to all people of African descent’ [12] If the leader of European country was so bold as to say the such a thing as keeping the racial heritage of their country pure there would be absolute outrage by liberals with comparisons to the Third Reich! Can we not see the blatant double-standards that liberals have in regards to not just questioning miscegenation but any issue in relation to race? There must be people who are not afraid to stand up and say that they are proud of their racial heritage and believe that miscegenation does more harm than good in the long run. Unfortunately we live in a society where people live in fear of being labelled something deemed negative and do not have the strength of character to ignore these labels.

Another issue that needs to be taken into account is how confusing and tragic it must be for those people who are themselves racially mixed and often have problems at school. A CNN report found ‘for example, students who described their race as both black and white reported more difficulties than those who considered themselves solely black or solely white.’ [13] It’s hard to imagine what it would be like for a child which does not really know where they belong. Most upsetting would be if they were the victim of being ostracized because of the fact that they may not be considered “black enough” or “white enough” for the other children, which would lead to frustration and disillusionment for that child. ‘The most common explanation for the high-risk status is the struggle with identity formation, leading to lack of self-esteem, social isolation and problems of family dynamics in biracial households,’ said Professor Udry of maternal and child health at the University of North Carolina School of Public Health, as noted in the CNN report. [14] This shows why miscegenation is a selfish act by the parents of a racially-mixed child. They have no sense of belonging to either race. They are confused and do not know if they are of one ethnic/racial group or the other. Ernest Porterfield explains ‘in addition, these children are faced with problems that tend to produce reactions of guilt, insecurity, anxiety, and emotional instability. Biracial children would like to identify with both parents but find themselves torn between the loyalty they owe each parent. Since they cannot identity with both parents, the child feels resentment towards one or both parents.’ [15] All of these hardships that are created for racially-mixed children could have been avoided if the parents did not commit miscegenation in the first place. Often teenagers may have enough problems knowing where they belong or what they want to do with their lives without having the even more obvious and confusing problem of not understanding what racial/ethnic group they are supposed to be part of.

Miscegenation is an issue that people of all races need to be aware of. Especially if they value their racial heritage and identity and wish to see it continue into the future. Part of being human is our diversity and racial difference is part of that we need to hold dear to our heritage and not forsake it by being blind to the fact that we do all look different. Matthew Nuenke explains that ‘opposition to miscegenation is often lamented as racist, and yet there is sound evolutionary evidence that people like to associate and eventually marry others who are more like themselves. Blacks are more comfortable with Blacks, Jews are more comfortable with Jews, and Asians with other Asians.’ [16] Historical evidence would also show this to be true and how miscegenation is not really a common thing. Of course the arguments by those opposed to this view continue to use liberal propaganda emphasizing the fallacy that race is a cultural “construct” when in fact it is a lot deeper than that. Anybody to think that our differences are only “skin-deep” is surely quite shallow in their understanding of human nature. Andrew Ryan and Peter J. White claim that it is ‘patterns of racial and ethnic prejudice, of in-group loyalty and out-group suspicion, have served an effective evolutionary purpose over the long history of primate and human biological evolution, both in enhancing the competitiveness of the individual breeding population and also in preserving the uniqueness of its distinctive genetic heritage by discouraging interbreeding with the members of disparate sub-species. The evolutionary message is clear. Human groups which lose their internal sense of identity and cohesion in respect to other groups eventually cease to exist as discrete realities.’ [17] This is relevant to the topic of miscegenation because it makes a point that prejudice while often noted as being a bad thing can also be quite beneficial for helping to keep alive the uniqueness of all races. The many different races give us a diverse construct of what it means to be human, whereas miscegenation would only make us bland and all the same with no variety in our physical differences in the long run. Seriously, how boring would it be if in the future we all looked a like?

To sum up, I personally think that miscegenation is something that has been forced onto people especially in Western Countries because of liberalism. It basically comes down to morals and values and people need to realise that if ANY race wants their children to at least have some vague resemblance to them then they need to “stick with their own kind”. Heritage and background should be basic requirements taken into account when thinking about having children and for those people who are responsible enough should understand that it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Especially, as a lot of us who live in Western countries seem to be part of such a hedonistic, shallow and consumerist society. Mass immigration has also played its part in making the act of miscegenation more prevalent than before and it up to both genders to realise that their ethnic/racial background should always be an important factor in their decision. Basically miscegenation is insidiously evil as it promotes the slow but eventual genocide of all races. I will now leave you with a poem by Rudyard Kipling, one of Britain’s finest poets, in relation to how he was against race-mixing (miscegenation).


The stranger within my gate,
He may be true or kind,
But he does not talk my talk -
I cannot feel his mind.
I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
But not the soul behind.

The stranger within my gate,
He may be evil or good,
But I cannot tell what powers control -
What reasons sway his mood;
Nor when the gods of his far off land,
Shall repossess his blood.

This was my father's belief,
And this is also mine;
Let the corn be all of one sheaf -
And the grapes be all one vine,
Ere our childrens' teeth are set on edge
By bitter bread and wine.

-Rudyard Kipling, Nobel Prize for Literature. (1865 - 1936)[18]

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